About autens – and who we are

Autens was founded in 2005 by Lene Jensby Lange, one of Denmarks leading specialists in future learning, school development & learning space design. We have since worked with a large number of clients in mainly Denmark and the United Kingdom.

We believe that learning should be joyful, meaningful, personalised and co-created in strong learning communities. And we believe that learning spaces should inspire creativity of all kinds, embrace differences and open many paths to learning – and both mirror and communicate the vision of learning.

Autens has worked with schools like Hellerup and Ordrup in Denmark, and facilitates user-driven innovation, workshops, seminars etc for both students, staff, leadership teams and local authorities. Autens provides leadership for innovative projects in close cooperation with clients. In 2015 Mike Davies joined the team, strengthening the international range of Autens. Autens is thus based in both Denmark and England and has strong links throughout the Nordic countries, the UK, in NZ, and in Asia – and we believe in sharing ideas, inspiration, methods and networks all across the board.

A key message in most of our work is to include and empower learners and create future schools together… It’s fun, it’s meaningful, and it’s the right thing to do!

This site only features a fraction of our projects. You can read more about what we are involved in on autens.dk – our main site – and follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also follow Lene Jensby Lange on twitter. You are also more than welcome to get in touch.

About Lene Jensby Lange – consultant & founder 

As an innovator, project developer and process consultant Lene is dedicated to improve life and learning for children of all ages through reorganising, rethinking and redesigning learning, schools and learning spaces.

She is inspired and powered by what we can bring to the future of learning from learning research, futurists, neurology, openness and big hearts for children and people. Creativity in all forms, she believes, is hugely important to nurture and inspire in our children – in schools that are open, tolerant, democratic institutions that support children in all their different ways to develop, learn and become the best possible version of their unique selves. We need to open as many doors of opportunity for each child that we can so they can lead a self-sustaining and rich life of great value to themselves and their communities.

Lene Jensby Lange was part of the renowned SKUB-project in Gentofte where the city’s 11 schools were rebuilt and transformed and the new Hellerup School was developed. The SKUB project was highlighted throughout Europe for breaking new paths in both transformation of schools with the learner at heart as well as for the dynamic process thinking behind it, and Hellerup School has since figured among the top innovative schools of the world.

Lene is often invited to give talks, contribute with advice or facilitate workshops for teachers, heads, boards of governors, local authorities etc in relation to school transformation, learning space design or building new schools or colleges.

Lene has a background from CBS – Copenhagen Business School (SPRØK) – specialising in organisational development, strategy, leadership and communication. Lene continued her professional development within the fields of learning & pedagogy, neurology & learning, innovation, process facilitation and user engagement.

Thorbjoern Bergqvist

Thorbjørn Bergqvist – innovationsconsultant & office manager

Thorbjørn arbejder med at fremme nytænkning og entreprenørskab i skoler og på uddannelser, blandt andet gennem netværksbaserede movements, som vi skubber på i Autens. Han arbejder desuden med ideudvikling, analyse, workshops og projektledelse – og udvikler også løsningsforslag til omdisponering og bedre udnyttelse af skolers arealer. Thorbjørn er som office manager samtidig den, der holder overblikket over igangværende projekter, deadlines og intern kommunikation.

Thorbjørn har en cand. merc. fra CBS i innovationsledelse og forretningsudvikling med fokus på socialt entreprenørskab og entreprenørskab i uddannelsessystemet.

mette-hauchMette Hauch –  head of networks & 21st century learning expert

Mette is one of the leading experts in 21st century learning design in practice. She runs workshops, consults with leadership teams and teacher teams and links Denmark with a global world of innovation – and are often invited to speak at Danish and international seminars and conferences. Her Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow status also provides access to a generous number of innovative educators in other countries.

Mette, having teached at Hellerup Skole for a number of years, has been walking the path of transformation and innovation herself.  In 2011 she and colleague Martin Ryom was awarded the Most Innovative Teachers by Microsoft at a big event in South Africa, with more than 200.000 teachers from across the globe competing for the prize.

billede af migLisa Schmidt Larsen – creative coordinator and space designer

Lisa is our in-house architect and creative coordinator. She also leads all our Dollshous Design Lab creations and other models, being quite the expert on laser cutting and 3D printing.

shiho hirotsu

 Shiho Hirotsu

Learning Environment Explorer.  Visiting from Japan, Shiho explores the Nordic approach to pedagogy and how it translates into learning environments and school architecture. She is part of various projects here and blog about Nordic Education – in Japanese, for a Japanese audience of educators – with a specific focus on learning environments.



Louise GlenthøjLouise Glenthøj 

Project coordinator. User engagement, coordination and documentation on learning space and building projects – nurseries, kindergardens, clubs and schools.

Alexander Gyr – virtual reality konsulent


Alexander knows his way around virtual reality. He documents existing school buildings and learning environments in a digital from that allows us to access any little corner of a school that we are working on through digital models. Equally he documents selected learning space design projects for easy communication to users and people who want to visit remotely. Here’s an example from an almost finished Arts & Craft space we designed recently.



About Mike Davies – school transformation expert   mike foto kopi

Mike has a long, proven track record of innovative school leadership and transformation. In recent years Mike has been a consultant advising local authorities, architects and design teams on school transformation, creating purposeful learning environments. He currently is working with schools on pedagogic and curriculum renewal. Much of this has involved him leading fifteen study visits to Scandinavia and running CPD workshop programmes. This commitment, linked with his other main area of interest, the reorganisation of schools on human scale lines, grew from his experience as a Headteacher of a number of schools in England and Scotland, eg. Bishop Park. The schools were mainly in economically deprived and challenging communities, each radical with an emphasis on supporting human scale practices in relation to curriculum design and development, pedagogy, the use of time and space, staff and student voice/organisation and relationships. Mike has worked in partnership with Autens for quite some years and joined the team fully in 2015.


Autens has a wide network of other consultancies, designers, architects, engineers, teachers etc that we collaborate with.