Learning Spaces

February 18th, 2012  |  Back to Featured

Autens believes that learning should be joyful, meaningful, personalised and co-created. And we believe that learning spaces should mirror this.

School environments should inspire creativity of all kinds, embrace differences and open many paths to learning – and not least communicate the school’s learning vision.

Autens is committed to the importance of school and learning space design. Learning Spaces are strong narratives that guide students and teachers in their daily work and help make effective and joyful learning happen. Schools and learning spaces should be a clear picture of the learning vision which is at the core of any good school development project.

Over the years, Autens has developed a palet of tools that help formulate customised learning spaces. The tools are built on research in learning, psychology, neurology, organisational cultures and organisational development as well as our experience in the field from working with schools and cities.

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