Bedford-Copenhagen Learning Exchange B2-C2

Welcome to second round of Bedford-Copenhagen Learning Exchange. On this page you will find information regarding the exchange visits, the participating schools and the programme.

Purpose: The purpose of the programme is to strengthen the development of innovative practice in schools. We do this through the meeting with another school culture on facilitated visits with emphasis on reflection and dialogue between schools and colleagues in different national contexts – a two-way appreciative mirror of innovative student-centered practice as well as inspiration and ideas to take your own practice to new levels. Through the visits we also hope to ignite partnerships between schools in our two countries that can be expanded to many areas of schools later on at the participants own initiative.
Target group: Each visit seeks to include 3 schools from Copenhagen and 3 close school groups from Bedford, each group normally with both teachers and senior leadership team members to include both the decision-making level as well as the actual practice level.
Scope: The projects has four exchange rounds with the two first taking place in 2014 and the two next in 2015. Next round is the Bedford group 2 visit in September with the Copenhagen group 2 return visit to Bedford in November.
Please let us know if there is anything more you need on this page, thanks!
Looking forward to meeting all of you!
Mike Davies, Bedford facilitator & Lene Jensby Lange/Autens, Copenhagen facilitator

Contact info:

– Mike Davies,, +44 (0) 7739 096765

– Lene Jensby Lange,, tel. +45 2070 5230, twitter: @lenejensbylange

– Mads Bonne,, tel. +45 2630 8216

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