B2 Guests from Bedford

The Bedford B2 group – visiting Copenhagen on 21st-25th September 2014teams

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School/Organisation Name Job Title Specialism
Primary Group Visiting Children’s University
Camestone Lower Rachel Ducker SLT – KS2 Leader
Kempston Rural Lower Angela Stanbridge Headteacher
Wilstead Lower Leon Robichaud Headteacher
Wilstead Lower Michelle Robertson Asst Headteacher
Secondary Group Visiting Utterslev School
Robert Bruce Middle Morine James Deputy Head Teaching & Learning
Hastingsbury Upper John Kane Deputy Head Teaching & Learning
Hastingsbury Upper Paul Spyropoulos Deputy Head Behaviour, Safety & Assessment
Specialist Group Hosted by Copenhagen Children & Youth Administration Visiting Bellahøj Skole, Gasværksvejens Skole, Blågårds Skole, Skolen i Peder Vedels Gade, CfU (CPD & ressource center) and Pedagogy & ICT Development Unit
Wootton Upper Mark Thompson Deputy Head SCITT (School-centred Teacher Training)
BBLE (Bedford Bourough Learning Exchange) Karl Rivers IT
University of Bedford Wendy Edwards Research
BBLE Facilitator Mike Davies Facilitator

-> primary group forms – what are the schools looking to investigate in their visits?

-> Secondary group forms – what are the schools looking to investigate in their visits?

-> Specialist group forms – what is the specialist group looking to investigate in their visits?


Copenhagen C2 group: 

School/Organisation Name Job Title Specialism
Primary Group
Boerneuniversitetet Sanne Chessni Deputy Head Teacher  Pedagogy & innovation
Boerneuniversitetet Filippo Iarussi Teacher  Primary
Boerneuniversitetet Mette Charlotte Halberg Teacher  Primary
Secondary Group
Utterslev School Alice Jacobsen Deputy Head Teacher Pedagogy & leadership
Utterslev School Ragnheidur Ásgeirsdóttir Teacher Middle school
Utterslev School Louise Andersen Teacher Middle school
Specialist Group
Copenhagen City Council, Children & Youth Administration Johnny Jensen Consultant on the pedagogical ICT team Pedacogy & ICT
Facilitators Lene Jensby Lange Facilitator School development & transformation
Autens Mads Bonne Facilitator Creativity & innovation in school development

->  More about Børneuni & what they are looking to investigate. Briefly Børneuniversitetet (Child University) is a school covering from reception to 9th grade (6-16 years). Keywords about the school: Project-based, real life and outdoor learning. Cross-age learning. Keywords about what they would like to investigate when in Bedford: Differentiation and personalization, classroom management with big classes, student-led learning (students organizing their own schedule/work day if any such examples exists).

-> More about Utterslev & what they are looking to investigate. Briefly Utterslev Skole is an all-through school from 6-16 years with a science &  nature specialism.

– Third group: Copenhagen School department is hosting the visit and will take you to experience different schools and projects in correspondence with the wishes indicated in your matching forms. When visiting  Bedford, Johnny will be particularly interested in digital change-mangement (or digital change leadership), the mixing of top-down and bottom-up in the everyday life of schools, and in-service teacher training as the programme for 40 schools that the head in his B2 group was leading (not the college approach). Much of this can be accommodated through joining one of the other groups. 

– Facilitator: Autens (third partner  in the Comenius project), Lene Jensby Lange, school development consultant and Mads Bonne, innovation consultant (arrive Sunday)

The general picture: In general, visible learning, assessment for learning, goal-based learning etc are all very high on the Danish agenda at the moment and will be of huge interest to Danish schools to explore in other contexts. Also ‘the open school’ (collaborating with the local community, businesses, sports clubs etc), ICT,  personalised learning, and student-lead learning would be highly interesting.

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