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Here you can find useful resources to give you a bit of background on Danish education. Further down you will find links to useful visitors information regarding Copenhagen.

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Danish Education

Welcome to the Danish ‘Folkeskole’ – the Danish state school – Ministry of Education

Overview of the Danish Education System

Danish school system – slides

Primary & Lower Secondary Education in Denmark – overview and details

The New Danish School Reform Act -2013

The Aims of the ‘Folkeskole’ – Ministry of Education

The Folkeskole – Ministry of Education

Hellerup School Mission Statement

National Reading Centre Literacy Presentation – Peter Lützens


Visible Learning links (visible learning is a core element of the new reform):

John Hattie & Visible Learning: 

James Nottingham slides on slideshare:

James Nottingham:


… a lot more can be found on google.

About Assessment for learning, UK government website

About Assessment for learning  NZ government website

Inside the blackbox by Dylan Willam and Paul Black

Visiting Copenhagen – and using public transport

Travel planner in Copenhagen (also available in app store as “rejseplanen”)

Finding Borgen, hip restaurants, the Royal Castle etc: Suggested walks in Copenhagen

All about Copenhagen – website with all the inside tips, restaurants, cafes etc.

Visit Copenhagen – the official tourist website



Great Britain:

Mike Berrill, Facilitator


Mads Bonne, Autens (educational consultancy), innovation consultant,, tel. +45 2630 8216

Lene Jensby Lange, Autens  (educational consultancy), school development consultant,, tel. +45 2070 5230



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