Join us at PBL Camp facilitated by High Tech High

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to two events about Project-based Learning. In collaboration with High Tech High you can learn from some of the best in the world.

Event 1 (aug 2022): Get started with project-based learning

We work through an entire project from start to finish to get familiar with the tools, reflect on learning design with students’ motivation and authentic learning processes at the center. A 1:1 experience of project-based learning, where everyone can participate. During the process High Tech High and Autens scoop up tips and tricks.


Event 2 (aug 2022): Full-day workshop on project-based learning

The content will get in place in a few weeks. On the drawing board is either

  • management of project-based culture
  • quality and professionalism in student productions


High Tech High in San Diego is known and recognized worldwide for its work with authentic learning processes and project-based learning.


we are soon ready with the finished course program. Until then feel free to sign up for the interest list. The interest list gets a 3-day lead for other registrations.


We look forward to seeing you at Orgelfabrikken i Lyngby

in Lyngby in our creative workshop rooms. 

Vi holder foråret igennem opvarmingsarrangementer til selve campen for dig, der har lyst til at nørde skoleudvikling og projektbaseret læring med os. Vil du være med, så skriv på og hør nærmere:

High tech high projekter til inspiration for danske skoler
- nørderi FRA AMERIKANSK TIL dansk - April 2022

Bif og bobler filmaften: MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED
6. maj 2022


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