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Til danske værter: Husk frokost til gæsterne tirsdag og onsdag. Husk at skab rum til oplæg om de skoler, de kommer fra (for personalegruppe el.l.). Husk te med mælk ;-). Husk tilmelding til middag mandag aften samt seminar torsdag fra 12-15.30.

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 21st November, Sunday: Guests arrive at the Plaza Hotel (by main station)

19.30 Introduction to the Danish school system, the programme and travel arrangements (bus & train), hosted by Mike Davies and Lene Jensby Lange

22nd November, Monday (hosts Mike Davies, Lene Jensby Lange or Mads Bonne)

9.00 Visit to nursery Nordlyset  – learning spaces as the third teacher.

10.00 Visit to teacher team at Skovshoved School – project-based learning, flexible organization, teacher working as team, entrepreneurship and student motivation


13.30 Visit to Orestad Gymnasium, a high school/sixth form college – new learning models in light of ICT

17.00-19.00 Debriefing at hotel, facilitated by Mike Davies

19.30 Dinner at Madklubben, Store Kongensgade (each DK school represented by 1-3 people – preferably hosts for Tuesday & Wednesday).

23rd-24th November, Tuesday-Wednesday: Visiting host schools

Each group is hosted by their host school/host group who has carefully planned a good and relevant programme for their visitors according to their schools highlights as well as specific interests (see visit forms from each group below). DANISH SCHOOLS PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to make time and plan for presentations from your guests where they present the schools they come from. The audience could be the staff group, could include students etc. AND PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Remember to provide lunch as our guests are not able to bring a lunchbox. Brits also tend to like tea with plenty of milk.

17.00-19.00 both Tuesday and Wednesday: Debriefing at hotel facilitated by Mike Davies

Wednesday evening will have a social event for each of the different school teams. This will be arranged directly between the hosts and their guests during Tuesday/Wednesday.

25th November, Thursday

8.00-11.30 Brits working at the hotel, facilitated by Mike Davies

12.00-15.00 Lunch and seminar with Danish hosts at Utterslev School, Niels Bohr room

Seminar Everybody involved meet for a final seminar from around 12.00-15.30 where guests present what they have learned and bring back to their own schools and we all have a good discussion around learning, innovative practice etc. Also we look into how we might build continuing relationships between schools.



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