Sandras visit

Hi Sandra + husbond!

So looking forward to meeting you both and to taking you around Copenhagen to visit different schools that will all give you a flavor of Danish schools where spaces have been dealt with quite deliberately – and to contrast that, one visit to a typical school where it hasn’t (yet).

And the whole family looks forward to welcoming you to our house in Roskilde on Sunday.

Next weeks programme: Sandras visit to Copenhagen – websitelinks included.

Public transport travel planner: (also available as app: Rejseplanen)

Official Copenhagen Tourist website:


I am still struggling getting an answer from the last three schools. Two visits are in place:

– June the 2nd from 12-15: Vittra Telefonplan

– June the 3rd/4th/5th (depending on the rest of your visits): Visit to Skapaskolan – where there will be a ‘Sandra session’ with students as part of the visit.



Tel: +45 2070 5230

Home address: Vestergade 76, 4000 Roskilde

Company address: Rabalderstraede 11, 4000 Roskilde


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