Nursery Skovmosen: Creative Curriculum

Spring 2009

Lene Jensby Lange organised and facilitated the startup of a joint process to develop the educational curricula for Skovmosen, a nursery catering for 0-6 year olds. The process included both staff and the board of partent – and was a joyful evening with full speed on brainstorming, silent democracy processes and super strong engagement.

– head teacher: Once again many thanks for your amazing performance. In my opinion it was a super beginning of the project with educational development. I clearly sense that the staff enjoyed the evening and is very engaged. And you have made everyone think about the process. Besides what you do and the tools you have provided, you also induce trust and confidence in the participants with your personality. That plus your eloquence opens people up.

-A parent and board member: I also feel a great urge to say thanks for a fantastic presentation. It provided food for thought both as a director – and as a mother and educator. It was a really good experience to work with the staff team and sense everyone’s engagement and their individual / exciting approaches to the topics. I look forward to follow the next steps and a thousand thanks for the opportunity to attend and participate in the educational development process.


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