What should the future of learning look like? How will we design learning experiences for learners of today that matter to them now and tomorrow? How will we listen, explore and understand the emerging future and what is in the hearts of the learners we serve? 

How do we create schools that empower children and young people, enabling them to navigate and thrive in a complex world as competent, responsible leaders of their own lives, contributing positively to the communities they belong to? 

We have identified ten pathways to the future of learning as we reimagine and transform our schools to enable lives worth dreaming of for all our learners. Use the pathways individually or in combination to explore potential futures together for your school.

Needless to say that we would love to collaborate with you to bring inspiring futures to life in collaboration with learners and teachers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Lene at any time.  

Let’s fuel our schools with  authentic learning experiences, learners’ passions, caring learning communities and learners as co-designers of their own learning journeys.

Let’s create learning environments that support multiple ways of learning, relationships and friendships and not least both collaboration and 


Let’s explore creativity, innovation and hands-on projects that matters to students and the communities they are part of, and leave a mark. 


Let’s all be learners and all be teachers as we co-design the paths where we unfold and create new knowledge, skills and competences. 


Let’s work in teams to design learning experiences and support all our learners in ways that work for them. 21st century learning is definitely a team sport. 

Let’s create compassionate learning communities and support relationships and friendships, making every learner feel they matter,  belong and are appreciated for who they are.

Let’s play, explore, experiment and create as learning is best done by doing. And let’s do it together as learning is a social process. Make learning accessible in multiple ways to allow for choice and different needs.


Let’s reframe the way we live on our little planet to understand ourselves as part of nature and of each others lives. What is our relationship with the Global Sustainability Goals and how will we make a difference?


Let’s harness the power of virtuel environments and embrace the fabulous opportunities to learn, create and connect while understanding the complexity and wicked questions of our digital world.


Let’s break down the walls and open up our schools to the world around us, through authentic partnerships to collaborate on work that matters, and connect our learners with abundant inspiration and opportunities to explore and understand the richness of life.  



Hellerup School: Designing spaces

Hellerup School is a distinctive example of an innovative school designed for 21st century learning. The school is – as the only school in the SKUB project – built from new. Its ground-breaking design is based on personalised, agile learning spaces, entirely without classrooms.

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SKUB: Transforming and rebuilding

SKUB is a comprehensive school development and expansion programme of the city of Gentofte, Denmark. It ran from 1998 through 2009 and involved visionary restructuring and rebuilding of all 12 schools – as well as the new Hellerup Skole. The project budget was 1.5 billion Danish krones (£170 million) – and also included afternoon clubs, sports halls, community libraries in schools and dental clinics for children.

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Learning Spaces

Autens believes that learning should be joyful, meaningful, personalised and co-created. And we believe that learning spaces should mirror this and invite creativity of all kinds, embrace differences and show tolerance – and not least communicate the vision of learning.

Autens is committed to the importance of school and learning space design. Learning Spaces are strong narratives that guide students and teachers in their daily work and help make effective and joyful learning happen. Schools and learning spaces should be a clear picture of the learning vision which is at the core of any good school development project.

Over the years, Autens has developed a palet of tools that help formulate customised learning spaces. The tools are built on research in learning, psychology, neurology, organisational cultures and organisational development as well as our experience in the field from working with schools and cities.

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Future College – rethinking secondary

Next week is a great milestone in our Future College Project: 200 young people from three schools in Gentofte have chosen courses across the participating schools. During the week the students will set learning goals, participate in counselling sessions, use facebook and more – while immersed in learning of their choice, in various small learning communities. We will follow them closely! Read more about Future College.

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Bakkegaards School: School Development and Construction

akkegårds school is redesigned and rebuilt for 100 + million kr. The reconstruction is based on the school’s educational vision.

The project management team consisted of Lene Jensby Lange, Autens, in collaboration with Peter Boris Damsgaard, Grontmij | Carl Bro, in the completing and commissioning phase.

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Ordrup School: School development and reconstruction

Ordrup School is reorganized, refurbished and rebuilt marked for 100 + million. kr The reconstruction is based on the school’s educational vision.

Lene Jensby Lange Autens, and John Christensen, Grontmij | Carl Bro, amounted project management team in completing and commissioning phase. Lene with special focus on user involvement, communication and learning environments. See also the separate task on the construction of school learning environments for further examples.

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