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Educating a child takes a whole village. Changing education takes a whole world. We so appreciate the international ecosystems of inspiration that we are fortunate to be part of and contribute to. It takes all of us to develop new understandings and ideas of the future of education – and it takes all of us to share inspiring ideas, actual real-life examples and reflect on progressive steps together. 

We are often on the road, keynoting, running workshops, collaborating and gathering inspiration to share world-wide. We speak at conferences, 


at national events, at school events and also work with smaller teams on specific challenges.

We talk about the future of education, and how we design our schools to best meet the needs of todays students. We talk about how we can design learning spaces and schools that empowers both teachers and students, helping along pedagogical and didactical change in face of the emerging future.

It was a definite hit to have you today! Super inspiring and an energy that really got across to the audience from the stage! A lot of inspiration to put to work immediately for the participants – and many went home to start changing their own classroms because you showed them that it’s possible.
Thank you!

Kirsten Haase, Head of Learning & Communication, School Department, Gladsaxe Kommune

meet our speakers

ida og emma

Ida OG emma

Emma and Ida are our student consultants, and nearly legendary 😉 From 8th grade they have trained students and teachers all across Denmark in 21st century learning design.

They are in charge of the majority of our student involvement and co-creation.

They have keynoted and ‘panelled’ at a range of events for The Ministry of Education (Denmark), Microsoft and various clients in and outside Denmark.



Lene is frequently on the road, giving keynotes, contributing to panels, think-tanks etc in Denmark and abroad. 

She is a passionate innovator with a clear focus on how we best serve and empower children and young people to identify and pursue their dreams in life in light of the emerging future.

She is an expert on the future of education, school design and learning spaces. 

She has a vast international network of inspiring changemakers in education, and is always actively collaborating on big ideas across the Globe.

brorsonskolen kopi

Lise Lotte OG PETER

Lise Lotte and Peter are your go-to people for hands-on project-based learning, creative problem-solving in the classroom and entrepreneurship in K-12.

In their careers as teachers, they completely changed the idea of school, providing innovative, authentic learning experiences for more than 10 years – and never looked back since. 

They give keynotes, talks and run workshops for schools that would like to break new ground. They also coach and support teams and individual teachers transformning teaching and learning. 

Larrys kontor (2) kopi

GLOBAL capacities

We are fortunate to be part of some of the most inspiring ecosystems of changemakers in education globally. 

We facilitate the Global Schools Alliance and are affiliated with as top 100 innovators and the HundrED Academy.  

Our global network is strong, active and based on personal relations between likeminded passionate spirits. 

We have worked with Larry Rosenstock (CEO, High Tech High), David Price O.B.E. (authored OPEN), Jeff Holte (Liger Leadership Academy) and many more when helping clients find the exact match for a conference, a kick-off, a project or other events that require that extra ‘something’.

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