We co-create visions and dreams for schools, school districts, and national initiatives to pave the road forward, reimagining the Future of Learning together.

We build your capacity for Project-Based Learning, 21st century learning design, creativity, play, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We co-create & reimagine school design with all stakeholders with a strong student voice. We advise on the future of educational facilities, user engagement and architectural briefs, building ownership in the process.

We design innovative learning spaces and inspire you to create engaging, collaborative environments that nurture 21st century learning, equity and well-being on any budget. 

We collaborate with innovative schools and edu change-makers globally. We keynote, run workshops, contribute to books, podcasts and articles. We contribute to and lead global networks on the future of education.

How can we help?

Autens consults and collaborates with primary, secondary and tertiary schools, early years, after-school programs, school districts as well as national and international organisations on the future of learning, school transformation, professional development, learning environments and whole school design both within and outside of Denmark.

Click on one of the bubbles above to see examples of our work. Feel free to write or call us for a chat, if you have questions or are curious about collaborating.  

We aim to create inspired design briefs for future-oriented schools
co-created and supported by the whole organization with a strong student voice.
We aim to design schools that in their physical shape and form nudge, model and clearly communicate the learning philosophy and ethos shared by everyone.

Lene Jensby Lange


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