How is future learning at your school? We create visions and dreams for the future together with you and pave the road forward

We help stregthen your skills In fx. PBL, 21. Century skills, innovation entrepreneurship, learning environments, etc.

We co-create future schools together with leading architects via. User involvement, contests etc.

We design and evolve learning environments and inspire you to create inclusive and varied environments that build well-being and learning 

We collaborate with innovative schools and change makers, deliver keynotes, run international networks, write books and much more  

Re-imagining Education Together

Autens Future Schools is a dedicated, experienced bunch of consultants chasing a crazy dream of transforming education so that every person can lead a valuable happy life full of opportunities, passion and a big love of learning. We do so through re-imagining school and education, through inspiring and training leaders and teachers, through designing inspiring learning spaces and through creating a new generation of school facilities with architects. All in the spirit of student voice, co-creation, fun and passionate dedication to people and learning.

We are fortunate to be part of the most exciting, brave projects all the time that insist that learning is fun, that everyone can be a successful learner, and that the future is amazing if we make it so. We work at all levels – schools, educational institutions, local and national government, and international organisations – and love connecting the world across the board.

Autens have moved to a online workspace during the corona outbreak. But we are not letting it slow us down! 
we have several ideas and initiatives running and in the pipeline. read more here. 

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We are a part of an extended family of inspiring schools and change makers across the world. we often have visits or travel to share knowledge and bring some back home. Read more about our family, friends and collaborators here.

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