We co-create visions and dreams for schools, school districts, and national initiatives to pave the road forward, reimagining the Future of Learning together.

We build your capacity for project-based authentic learning, 21st century learning design, creativity, innovation, & entrepreneurship.

We co-create & reimagine school design with all stakeholders with a strong student voice. We advise on the future of educational facilities, user engagement and architectural briefs, building ownership in the process.

We design innovative learning spaces and inspire you to create engaging, collaborative environments that nurture 21st century learning, equity and well-being on any budget.

We collaborate with innovative schools and edu change-makers globally. We keynote, run workshops, contribute to books, podcasts and articles. We contribute to and lead global networks on the future of education.

Re-imagining Education Together

Autens Future Schools is a dedicated, experienced bunch of consultants chasing a crazy dream of transforming education so that every person can lead a valuable happy life full of opportunities, passion and a big love of learning. We do so through re-imagining school and education, through inspiring and training leaders and teachers, through designing inspiring learning spaces and through creating a new generation of school facilities with architects. All in the spirit of student voice, co-creation, fun and passionate dedication to people and learning.

We are fortunate to be part of the most exciting, brave projects all the time that insist that learning is fun, that everyone can be a successful learner, and that the future is amazing if we make it so. We work at all levels – schools, educational institutions, local and national government, and international organisations – and love connecting the world across the board.

Autens moved online during the corona outbreak, opening a whole set of new possibilities to collaborate across the Globe to push the agenda in education for the benefit of every child.


Our Project-based Learning Academy moved online, and continue to train hundreds of teachers, teaching teams and school leaders in developing authentic, engaging and future-oriented learning for students.


Co-creation and building ownership is in our DNA. We have moved our engagement processes online to secure a continuous strong teacher and student voice in the design of education facilities & learning space design.

We are fortunate to be a part of an inspiring extended family of forward-thinking schools, networks, consultant and change-makers across the world. 

We happily share our eco-system of innovation in education with our clients and collaborators. The whole purpose is that the best ideas travel seamlessly in our shared global world and inspire each other. Seeing what is possible out there gives confidence and reassurance that you can do it too! 

Read more about our family, friends and collaborators here.

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