The House of Generations – new school for Nivaa

In 2018, the Municipality of Fredensborg initiated the development of the strategic urban development plan for the future town centre of Nivå. It is a project that aims to create a new type of suburban city center where business, school, leisure and cultural life are inter-wowen with the local community. The project includes a new elementary school (K-9), communal library, cultural center, retirement home and possibly a public swimming pool in what is currently named The House of Generations. It is a key strategic piece in creating the new town center, giving every local citizens a purpose to drop by often.

As a developer consultant for the Municipality of Fredensborg, Autens has lead the whole pre-programming phase of the project, working with children and young people, teachers, librarians, leisure life representatives, local citizens organizations and the general public to create a shared dream of the House of Generations – and not least specify what that dream holds in terms of functions, spaces, interconnectivity and collaboration.

The project has a total budget of 400 million DKK.

A warm and heartfelt thanks goes out to Autens and Lene Jensby Lange for ‘midwifing’ the birth of the new vision for our school. Lene and her highly competent crew have skillfully managed to bring out all the potential and the resources we have and created faith in a different future for all of us at Nivaa School. Thanks!

Thomas Holberg Wied, head of Nivå Skole


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