Sundby School wins WAF Education 2022

We are incredibly proud that Sundby School has won the World Architecture Festival’s category for Education. It is not everyday we are part of the team winning one of the biggest architecture awards in the world.

one of the distinct things about this school, is how it rises from the ground like a slice of the landscape. and how all the classrooms offers a fantastic view, perspective and interconnection between landscape and construction.

You are invited to walk across the school building, which with its semicircular arch and thatched facade integrates both naturally and poetically into the landscape, and at the same time creates a meeting space in its middle.

In tune with the best Danish traditions, the school hosts associations, sports and cultural life too, and has the potential and intention to become a wonderful heart in of the local community.

Seen from the student’s perspective, an easy-to-read class- and year-based framework has been created for everyday learning and free time, which focuses on the community in the middle and the immersion in the big perspectives on the edge.

Read a little more about the architecture and see more pictures here at Skala Architecture

Great job team Henning Larsenskala architectureMOE DenmarkAutens, ETN Rikke Cora Larsen, BoHus og Guldborgsund Kommune.


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