Education facilities

We are typically included in the role of educational process consultant:

  • Autens is a specialised consultancy that links the future forms of learning and educational development with the physical framework in which we design and furnish innovative learning environments for both children and adults to find comfort and well-being.
  • At the same time, the educational staff is being raised, so that the new framework can also be utilised to create future learning situations.
  • Autens works with 21st century competencies in mind that integrate into the learning environment design and create the opportunity for learning success for both children and adults in all their diversity.
  • Autens believes that there is not one solution to suit everyone. Therefore, it is heart warming for us to facilitate development processes that are both based on the latest research on visionary learning thinking and push for practice and solution selection through thoughtful process design in close dialogue with users.

Autens is one of Denmark’s leading and most experienced educational advisers in construction, renovation and modernisation projects. We have our finger on the pulse at home and internationally. When it comes to daycare centers, leisure programs, schools and more. 

At Autens we have participated in learning buildings for just under DKK 4 billion. and we typically handle the visionary, pedagogical and user-oriented part of the programming, outline and planning phases. We participate both in advisory teams on learning buildings and work directly for municipalities, schools, daycare centers, children’s culture institutions and others. In the build rating, Autens has been rated A. 

We are always looking for the next exciting assignment and we are very pleased to hear from you. Autens team always like to consult with competent partners – or directly with the developer as an educational process and developer consultant – when the lines are to be laid for an upcoming tender. 

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