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Space matters! The way we shape our education facilities shape our learning cultures and enable specific pedagogical practices. We invite you on a journey to explore and define your pedagogical DNA and help shape the design of your school buildings and learning spaces around that. We see spaces as both a strong cultural narrative and a powerful tool for engaging students actively in their learning.

At it’s core, school design is about what we believe learning should look and feel like. Buildings and space design should be a physical representation of that, playing an important strategic role – the third teacher. We bring 20 years of global experience to the table and have a project portfolio of more than 900 million USD under our belt. Several of our projects have won awards for Best School Architecture.

Our signature is co-creation and creativity – a high level of stakeholder engagement, student voice and cutting edge design that help push the agenda on future-focussed, student-centered learning in the third millennium.

We help municipalities and school districts identify and shape plans for updating and future-proofing facilities for children, youth and education. We take on district-wide analysis and recommendations as well as single school projects, unfolding the potential of existing buildings in face of a new education paradigm. We are highly experienced client-advisors and help write up architectural briefs for new projects with that future edge that we are known for. 

We engage in design competitions for new schools and education institutions, teaming up with highly acclaimed architect studios in the role of pedagogical advisors & user engagement facilitators. We also serve on advisory panels, provide keynotes and contribute as judges and advisors on architectural competitions.

School design is a community sport – and not least a team effort. We work closely with architects and technical advisors to bring out the most inspiring schools for tomorrow.

CLIENT ADVISOR FOR Municipalities & schools

Working with Autens you get a truly committed and innovative partner on your side who knows the world of schools and learning inside out. We know their stories, everyday struggles and dreams as we have a strong foothold in re-imagining education and providing professional development around 21st century learning practices, project-based learning and school transformation. 

We have solid experience in the field of learning environments and school design – and how a learning vision can be translated to innovative physical solutions that will take your school to the next level. 

We believe that real change comes from within. Thus we always partner with stakeholders – students, teachers etc – to co-create dreams for the future of learning and what that might look like in their school. 

We are visionaries. We are designers. We are planners. We are facilitators.  We are change-makers. We are enablers.

Our founder Lene Jensby Lange serves as vice chair of Association for Learning Environment Europe. This position provides unique insight and access to the latest research in the field.


As a leading expert on learning environments globally Lene contributed to the book Planning Learning Spaces (available on Amazon) which is an inspiring and comprehensive go-to book guiding the future of school design. Lenes contribution points to the deep need for developing from within and co-creating creatively to build ownership, vision and capacity for change in the organization alongside developing the school design. 

In 2021 we won Nohrcons School Architecture Award of the year for our work with Erlev School. The year before, 2020, we won the prize for Lindbjergskolen, developed in collaboration with Sweco Architects with our other project Helsingør Skole  as a runner-up. Most of our projects are characterized by taking that extra brave step together that moves education forward. They often inspire far beyond their local context and provide a platform for others to re-think learning spaces and school design. 

Three years in a row we have been named among the Top 100 Global Innovators in Education by Finnish HundrED and their large panel of education experts. We received this wonderful acknowledgement for our innovative work around co-creating learning space design – our powerful and original Learning Space Design Lab™ workshop. 

We have a strong commitment to innovation and always find it exciting to work with people and organisations who are ready to break the boundaries and go beyond existing practices and solutions to discover and create the future of education. 


We support schools in developing their vision for the future and a clear why – the mission, values and beliefs that will shape their DNA and guide their journey of transformation.

We do this through working with all stakeholders including students to co-create a future that will engage, connect and inspire.

We organise, facilitate and lead user engagement and student voice on your project.

We support leadership teams in  building capacity and roadmaps for change.

We train and support teachers in developing new practices and learning cultures as well as transitioning toinnovative learning environments.

We develop architect briefs for new school facilities co-created with all stakeholders through inspiring engagement processes.

We work with architects to translate and transform pedagogical visions to physical design that works.

We identify potentials and gaps of existing education facilities and help draw up designs for change.

We design empowering learning environments that will help make your vision fly.

We work closely with teachers and learners to jointly unfold a physical interpretation of their mission, vision and culture, that will support and scaffold engaging student-centered, future-focussed learning. 

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We always welcome invitations to team up with experienced architect partners or clients looking to create cutting-edge projects. We are highly experienced consultants, designers and facilitators known for our strong commitment to co-creation, innovation and transformation of learning in light of the emerging future. 

Scroll up and see how we might contribute and collaborate. 

You are always welcome to reach out to our founder Lene Jensby Lange to explore potential collaboration: +45 2070 5230 or


Team up with us for:

  • User engagement & co-creating projects – early stage vision & brief development or transitioning to new spaces
  • Strong student voice in your project
  • Designing new facilities based on a strong vision for learning & well-being
  • Creating a shared vision for the future of your school or institution
  • Writing up design briefs for architects
  • Translating design briefs to physical solutions that mirror the learning philosophy in project development and competitions 
  • Analysing and advising on future-proofing existing learning institutions

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