3 new daycares for Vejen Municipality in Denmark

Population growth in the surrounding towns of Vejen Municipality has meant an increased
pressure on daycare facilities, therefore a decision has been made to build new ones: A new kindergarten next to Askov-Malt School with an After school club with close collaboration, An age-integrated institution in Vejen Syd (Kongehøjen), and a new age-integrated institution as part of Bække Children’s Center under the school’s management. All with joint use of relevant facilities.
Autens, in collaboration with Kjaer&Richter, has submitted tenders for the three new day services. Autens has acted as project manager in the preliminary process. During which we have run user-involved workshops for employees, management, parents, stakeholders and, children from Vejen’s existing day care.
In this process the characteristics, core values and foundations of the three new institutions were particularly worked out. they are primarily focused on natural flow between inside/outside, movement, curiosity, full of imagination, care/security and good transitions, as well as DNA from the local area.

In November/December 2022, Autens handed over three function-based construction programs to the municipality and technical feasibility studies, three technical construction programs and the tender consultancy handled by Kjaer&Richter.
Before long, the projects will be put out to tender, and we look forward to following the construction and process of the three new day care services.


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