Workshop on Early Years Environments for Vrå Children House

The city of Hjørring is building a new combined nursery and kindergarten in Vrå. The facility is co-located with the new school.

Hjørring wishes to get the staff involved very early on in developing thoughts, ideas and principles that will guide the development of the new learning spaces. Autens had already worked with the staff of the school to pilot new approaches to learning space design in combination with new practices. We were thus invited back to also work with the nursery and kindergarten staff.

Lene, Thea and Louise spent a delightful afternoon and evening with an inspiring bunch of pedagogical staff members. Lene and Louise set the stage with a presentation of examples, evidense and how-to’s for early years space design. Then the staff were let loose as designers, prototyping their way through a lot of discussion points and important considerations, aiming at environments that support all the different keypoints in the early years curriculum.

The purpose of the workshop was to start the reflections and conversations about the future learning environment and co-create key principles well in time before the furniture procurement process begins.

Autens contributed to the new learning environments at Vrå School as well. You can read more about that project here.


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