Autens at LEGO Idea Conference 2020 – virtual edition


On the 10th and 11th of March Lene and Thea moved the office from Roskilde to Billund – more specifically to the LEGO House. Here they participated in the virtual edition of the LEGO Idea Conference 2020. The Conference had originally been cancelled due to the Coronavirus – therefore LEGO decided to do a virtual edition. Lene contributed to the conference with two workshops. Therefore, we packed the car with our award-winning Learning Space Design LabTM and drove to Billund.

Lene og Thea til LEGO Idea Conference

Lene initiated two workshops in which children and adults from ISB (the international school in Billund) participated.

Primarily a 1-hour workshop where the participants were divided into four groups – three groups with children and one with the adults. The children had to design their dream-classroom/learning space and the adults had to design their dream office space. During the workshop Lene gave out some Tips and Tricks for the viewers.

The second workshop was more or less the same procedure. But it only lasted 15 minutes. It was exciting to see how much the groups could achieve in the short amount time they had available – they had made almost entirely completed learning spaces.

Here at Autens we are very proud to have been part of a new era – the virtual edition. Let’s keep up the good work!

You can watch the 15min session here!


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