Lene on learning spaces at Spazio Leo T.V. in Modena

Lene is keynoting online at the upcoming IC3 Spazio Leo event i Modena.

Istituto Comprensivo 3 di Modena is a progressive Italian education institutions in K-12. They spearhead experiental learning opening worlds of inspiration from agroponics to robotics in flexible learning spaces that can be moulded to serve the activities at hands as didactic tools.

Lene will talk about emerging learning spaces for a new age and how we can come together as teachers, students, principals and designers to shape spaces for meaningful and powerful learning.

We strongly believe in co-creation – for multiple reasons. When we co-create, we think together, making use of our combined knowledge, intuition and wisdom. When we co-create, we build a real understanding of the future context through the process and can begin to better prepare mentally for new ways of learning and working. When we co-create, we get wiser solutions, and strengthen our transformational work.

Here is a little taster! Click the image, download the document and open it in powerpoint. You are now ready for a quick little challenge of reimagining a classroom for 21st century learning.


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