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Learning environments

Spaces and interior design play an important role in our life and well-being That is why we at Autens focus on listening to our customers and partners when we design new spaces. We often help schools with creating or rewriting their vision and let teachers and students design their own new learning environments. We know from our experience it gives the best result. In collaboration with you, we work to create inspiring and inclusive learning spaces and environments that support child well-being. Spaces that provide space for community, development of 21st century skills, creativity, experimentation and curiosity.

Our goal is to understand your needs and wishes, and in collaboration with you find ideas, solutions and inspiration. We do this, among others, through 

workshops designed to your needs, where you are in focus, and where you get the tools to re-think the classroom and move into the opportunities of learning environments.

Our most popular workshops for all ages to re-think learning environments is Learning Space Design Lab™, which you can learn more about here.

Please contact us for a non-committal talk about learning environments and how we can help you along the way.

Changing the design of learning spaces aims to facilitate a new era of innovative pedagogies where students have support, choice and agency.



Most schools were created in a time where learning was mostly ‘sit and get’ with the teacher in front. Today we strive to create collaborative inspiring environments where students can explore, create and exhibit their work while having agency. How do we best support change in our many existing school buildings to serve students of today for their lives tomorrow? 

A standout example of our work is with Høsterkøb Skole, a charming village school located north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Faced with space constraints for their classes, they sought our expertise. Our approach began with a deep dive into the space they already possessed, guided by their mission, vision, and core values. We engaged with their dedicated teaching staff in a day-long workshop to reimagine their learning environments. Our goal was to enhance support for inclusive teaching methods, project-based learning, and a student-focused approach. We captured this transformation in a short video. Take a moment to watch it and see the potential for change – even on a very limited budget!

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