Lene joins Think-tank on youth life in Copenhagen

One in five young people find life difficult to a degree where their mental health is suffering. It is sadly well-documented globally and mirrored in Danish youth as well. The City of Copenhagen has launched a Think-tank around the quality of life for young people. Lene has been invited to join and will be developing ideas and proposals to help change the framework for young peoples lives in a positive direction. 

Lene will particularly focus on strong and inclusive youth communities, meaningful lives, support and agency. And also about how the pedagogical, organizational and physical framework in especially youth clubs can support the intentions.

Youth lives should be lives worth living, strengthening the opportunities and life courage of every young person. It is important to each of them – and to all of us. We are looking very much forward to taking part in this important work.  

It is a welcome continuation of our work with youth club pedagogy and design around Denmark. And not least our professional development work, working with teachers and pedagogues to support youth empowerment, co-creation and meaningful everyday lives with a high degree of student voice. 


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