Martec Kragholmen will be a new landmark for The Blue Denmark

The Blue Denmark gets a new landmark: Kragholmen – the maritime school in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Together with FRIIS & MOLTKE Architects, LYTT Architecture and OJ consulting engineers, AUTENS has won the project competition for the new school for maritime education.

It has been incredibly exciting to delve into these educations of land and sea, which help to lift both our country and our youths careers and identities.

We have delved into how, through school design, you can attract a broad group of young people, open up the education programs and support engaging learning processes, relationships and friendships. And create a safe and inviting boarding school for the young people who leave their familiar surroundings to pursue an education here. We then created the foundation of four educational benchmarks, on which the school is designed: a successful educational life; a social life and communities that succeed; a future working life that entices and succeeds and, not least, the basis for an all-round healthy life and everyday joy.

At the same time, we wanted to create a house that the maritime professions will be proud to come to use, so that the strong link between education and profession as well as youths and professionals will have good conditions in the future.

From the judges: “The proposal is emphasized for creating space on a different scale for communities across user groups and for the movement between them – promoted in an experience-rich and consistently greener landscape that makes it attractive to move around and experience life, nature and the maritime culture for them who live, study and work at MARTEC.”

The project is supported by the A. P. Møller Foundation, with whom we also had the pleasure of collaborating on the large 3-year project on Project-Based Learning in Høje Tåstrup municipality.

Now we have to start the collaboration – and we are looking forward to it!

Read more about the project here (article is in danish).


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