Nordre School, Svendborg, Annual Meeting: School of the Future

Spring 2009

Svend E. Pedersen recommended Autens to Nordre School, who were in the planning process of the annual meeting with the board of governors – and wanted to discuss visionary ways of developing and remodelling their school buildings.

It was a super engaged evening – fantastic people! Lene Jensby Lange gave presentations on learning, schools and expectations of where society is headed – and facilitated the following workshop where participants in teams worked creatively to develop different aspects of their future school.

– Response from Astrid Birkbak, head teacher:
Lene managed in a very stimulating way to create a great atmosphere and free up a lot of creative energy among the attendees. Lene organized a very creative process that brought disruption and challenged participants in an exemplary manner. Lene contribute with her entire appearance to the motivation and engagement of the participants, and with her great professional insight into the processes around rebuilding schools, she is an extremely competent and very inspiring consultant, and her work was of great value to us. I therefore strongly recommend Lene as organizer of creative processes, facilitating development and change in organizations.


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