Autens Pasifika at Leaustalasiaconference

I travelled to Brisbane this week to co-present a workshop at the @leaustralasiaconference with Kimberley Powell and Derek Bartels on Learning  Space Design Lab TM Autens and the conference was postponed! And now we are in a 3 day lockdown.  in Brisbane.  But we have been making good use of our time planning some exciting nect steps and will have a workshop still with the people who booked with us at the conference here in Brisbane and others if the border opens in Melbourne. We have got this! /Sandy

In collaboration with Derek Bartels and Kimberley Powell we have decided to run a voluntary free workshop on Tuesday 11am – 12.15 am next week on the 6th July at Milton Brisbane. 

This award winning process is extremely powerful for bridging rich pedagogy and contemporary learning principles with building design through hands on collaboration. 

Click on the links below for further information  and a chat with Derek yesterday about Learning Space Design TM  

Please contact Derek Bartels for further details of the workshop ->

What is Design Lab

Design lab in Action

Yesterday’s Interview


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