Copenhagen EAS programme

School visits in Copenhagen: Detailed programme – with details of transportation etc.


Monday the 25th – arriving at the airport:

Find the DSB ticket office: buy 1 ‘4-zones-click card’ and 3 ‘Oresund 5 return ticket-cards’ plus 2 extra return tickets for Malmö.

Find the train to Copenhagen and click the 4-zones card 9 times in total (you need a total of 36 zones = 9 clicks).

18.00-19.30: Meeting at the hotel with Danish and Swedish hosts: DK & SE school system + plan for the week (NB: Remember to get you travel cards for the week)


8.22: S-train to Ishøj st (see details in programme)

9.00-11.30: Visit -> Strandgaardsskolen incl lunch

13.00: Visit -> Høsterkøb Skole

17.30-19.00: Debriefing at hotel (Mike)

19.30: Dinner at restaurant Madklubben


9.00: Take the airport train to Ørestad st. (see details in programme)

9.30-12.00: Visit -> Ørestad Skole incl lunch

13.00-15.00: Visit -> Hellerup Skole

17.30-19.00: Debriefing at hotel (Mike)


8.43: From the big bus stop outside Copenhagen H across from Tivoli: Take bus 30 destination Flintholm st – get off at Nyelandsvej Skole (see details in programme).

9.00-11.25: Visit -> Skolen på Nyelandsvej – meeting with teacher & literacy consultant Line Bertelsen.

12.30-14.30/15.00: Visit -> National Reading Centre – meeting with Peter Lützen, literacy advisor

17.30-18.30: Debriefing at hotel (Mike)

19.06: Bus 9A destination Operaen -> stop Bodenhoff Plads -> Walk to Christiania & restaurant Spiseloppen.


8.59: S-train C to Charlottenlund st. -> bus 176 to Skovshoved School

9.30-11.30: Visit -> nursery Nordlyset

Lunch at the nearby harbour.

13.40 at the latest: Bus & train back to Copenhagen to pick up cases -> airport





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