EAS Malmö programme August 2014


Itenary from Malmö – travel info in red.

Transport in Malmö: 

Bus: Every bus trip costs 22 SEK per person. You must buy ticket cards in advance – no cash in the bus. Please note: Your train ticket is valid on the bus both back and forth. However, if you go by bus from one visit to the next, you need bus tickets (have no idea how and if the bus driver distinguishes between the return journey and additional journeys…). The alternative is a taxi which is quite cheap. 

Taxis: Some numbers to taxi company: +46  40 29 29 29, +46 40 330 330, + 46 40 71 000. You need 2 taxis except when accompanied by Pia from the morning visit to the afternoon visit Tuesday & Wednesday as some of you can go in her car. 

Monday 25th August – everyone – IN COPENHAGEN

18- 19.30: Evening session with Lene  Jensby Lange (owner of Autens, school consultants, Denmark) and Leif Åhlander (Head of Research and Development – Education Department in Malmö): Overview of the Danish and Swedish school system.

At Hotel Plaza in Copenhagen

Tuesday 26th August – group 2

7.20 Take the train to Malmö (destination Helsingborg) from track 5 -> Triangel station: Take taxi to Mellanhed school, address Gyllebogången 1 or bus 3 to Torupsgatan (use your train ticket)

8.15- 11.30 Visit to Mellanhed School, including lunch. Contact: Agneta Borgström, + 46 739 495323

Taxi to Österport school at Norregatan 1 or bus 3 to Drottningtorget – and some can go in Pias car

12.00- 15.30: Visit to Österport school – two different classes

Address: Norregatan 1. Contact: Kerstin Arvidsson, +46 40 34 52 65

Walk to train -> train back to Copenhagen H (Central)

Wednesday 27th August – group 1

7.20 Take the train to Malmö (destination Helsingborg) from track 5 -> Hyllie station: Take taxi to Djupadal school at Norra Hyllievägen 76 or take bus 33 to Elinelund, Djupadalschool (use your train ticket) 

8.15- 11.30: Visit to Djupadal school including lunch

Address: Norra Hyllievägen 76. Contact: Christina Simfelt, +46 40 34 74 61

 Taxi to Dammfrigången 9 or bus 1 to Dammfri – and some can go in Pias car

12.00- 15.00: Visit to Dammfri school, address: Dammfrigången 9. Contact: Monica Longhurst, +46 40 34 10 00

Pia will help you find your way to the train station to go back to Copenhagen.

Thursday 28th August

8.32 Take the train to Malmö (destination Helsingborg) from track 5 -> Take the train to Malmö Centralen (arriving 9.06). Pia will meet you at the station and walk with you to Malmö University.

gåtur til uni

9.30-11.30 Malmö university – address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 19

Anna Wernberg: a senior lecturer of mathematics for the early years. A discussion about mathematics in teacher’s education in Sweden and in Malmö.

Anna will walk you to Café Välfärden where you can get a bite to eat (paid by EAS or yourself)


From Malmo University to Rönnbladsgatan 1 B, bus 3 to Ellstorp

13.00- 16.00. Visit to preschool teacher training. Address: Rönnbladsgatan 1 B, via reception, 4:e floor

Group of preschool teachers participate in training of teachers. Your group follows the whole session and to your help is Leif joining you so that you can follow the session. Afterwards you can discuss the content with our Officers of Mathematics and with Leif.

Leif can help you find your way to the train station. 





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