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Carolineskolen in Copenhagen wishes to reinvent their current school and create the best school possible for a new age of learners. They have asked us to develop a radical new school model based on 21st Century school thinking as their starting point. One of the most thrilling projects ever to enter our office. And the best part: We get to do it sharing, co-creating and open source so please take part! The work is relevant to all schools and educators.

We have set out to co-create the new vision in collaboration with strong educational leaders and practitioners around the world. During spring 2015 we will visit schools in Europe, communicate with schools further away and invite inspiring & brave educators to join us for ImagineSchool sessions or set up their own – and we will share the results!

knap1Would you like to host a local ImagineSchool session? We will happily sponsor the drinks in return for your co-created ideas on the why, what, how, who and where of the school you imagine together. It has to be fairly elaborate – how does a learners day look, how is learning organized etc. as if we were to start the school next Monday. And it needs to be documented on video, text etc. in a way that we can learn from and be inspired by. In return we will include it in The Imagine School eBook which we will publish and share with you. Get in touch and we will get the ball rolling! -> or call Lene on +45 20705230.


knap2We will soon feature a list of dates and places here.

Meanwhile please get in touch with us if you wish to participate. You must have a strong record of either innovative learning practice or school development – we know there are many of you!

-> or call Lene on +45 20705230.


knap3You can take part by email -> or twitter -> #imagineschool: What is the best school imaginable? Do you know of brave, successful examples we should know about?

We will include the best cases and ideas in our Imagine School e-Book which will be made internationally available and your ideas or articles may be featured.



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