EU Expert Workshop: Future education programmes

November 2009

After at talk given by Lene Jensby Lange at the European Conference on Creativity, Innovation and People in July, she was invited by CEDEFOP for a two-day expert workshop on “Competencebased Curriculum in Vocational Education and Training”. CEDEFOP, based in Thessaloniki, is the European agency for development and coordination of vocational education and training.

There were total 20 to 25 experts from various European countries, UNESCO, OECD and Harvard, discussing a range of aspects in strengthening a more competence-based approach in European vocational education. Quite an exiting group of people and a well-planned engaging workshop.

It was surprising to learn that the vocational education sector has paid close to no attention to learning spaces and multiple ways of learning which could otherwise support and include a wider group of students in getting them well through their education. There will hopefully be an opportunity to emphasise and develop planning, policies and projects along these lines some day…


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