SKUB: Transforming and rebuilding

Client: Gentofte Kommune

Project partners: Bakkegårdsskolen, Ordrup Skole, Skovgårdsskolen, Munkegårdsskolen, Hellerup Skole, Skovshoved Skole.

Period: 2002-2009 (the project ended in September 2009)


SKUB is a comprehensive school development and expansion programme of the city of Gentofte, Denmark. It ran from 1998 through 2009 and involved visionary restructuring and rebuilding of all 12 schools – as well as the new Hellerup Skole. The project budget was 1.5 billion Danish krones (£170 million) – and also included afternoon clubs, sports halls, community libraries in schools and dental clinics for children.

Lene Jensby Lange from Autens was a permanent member of the SKUB project manager team from 2002 onwards to the very end. The tasks varied from school development, user engagement, innovation, project management, process design and facilitation, communication, design of learning spaces and more. Primary focus has been process & project management, innovation and learning spaces.

SKUB was nominated as Best Practice in the EU Year of Innovation 2009. The SKUB teams quite exceptional work, organisational culture and approach to innovation has been a thrill and great learning experience to be a part of – not least the strong common dedication to create the best schools for the 21st century, based on combining research and user involvement.

The project has echoed abroad and have welcomed lots of visitors at the involved schools and with the project team, especially from Scandinavia, England and Singapore.

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