Future Schools & how to get there

hellerup25-590x400Autens is often involved in restructuring, designing and (re)building schools as an inspirational partner, advisor, project manager or responsible for hearing user voice and facilitating engagement. We have worked with schools such as Hellerup, Ordrup, Skovshoved, Helsingor Midtby and more, and a range of different cities.

To us, the structure, design and feel of the school building as well as the learning spaces are important tools in shaping and nurturing the kind of learning that the school wishes to be about. It is a technology for learning; and it is an important tool in leading transformation.

In our world, there is no one perfect school design. The perfect school is a school with a visionary approach to learning which has been allowed to shape and define how learning is planned, how school is structured and organised and how learning spaces are designed. It is a coherent model of learning in all aspects.

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