Specialist Schools & Academies Trust, SSAT: Study Trip 2010

A group of head teachers from England paid us a visit: It was a study tour of five Gentofte schools where pedagogy is clearly translated into the physical surroundings and learning spaces. The primary focus was on differentiated learning spaces, the planning process and not least how basic values related to learning are communicated through the physical spaces. Feedback and response were overwhelming. Children in Denmark experience significantly greater freedom and room for initiative, creativity and play in Danish schools and preschools compared to British peers. There is a straight line from the nurserys focus on development of social skills and the high degree of both freedom, influence and responsibility that Danish children are entrusted with in schools.

“Thanks (…)! It has been one of the most power full CPD (training) I have ever experienced! “.
“I can not change the culture of my country, but I can change the culture of my school!”.


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