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Autens (founded in 2005) is one of Denmark’s leading and most experienced consultancies in school development, innovative learning environments, educational buildings and collaborative user processes in the field of children, youth and education. Autens is leading the way with new agendas for school and learning environments both at home in Denmark and internationally and has contributed to educational facilities valued over 4 billion DKK.

As we leave the industrial age and enter a world of connectedness, participation, complexity, technology and change, insight into learning is increasing world-wide. Autens brings people and minds together across educational institutions, local government, culture and business life. Autens brings architecture to redefine models of learning, schools, and learning spaces. We inspire and co-create strategic, organizational and physical frameworks cultivating meaningful learning journeys and valuable lives for learners of all ages.

Our mission is to innovate and develop relevant, desirable learning futures. These features are co-created with users, inspired by educational research, innovative practices, 21st century competencies and visionary futures – with children and young people at the center. We emphasize with students and teachers, creating many paths for learning and leveraging the power of creativity, play, collaboration, hands-on action and engagement with the outside world. We co-create learning spaces that bring these ideals to life.

We are part of an inspiring global eco-system of thought-leaders in education. We lead the Global Schools Alliance: a network for some of the world’s most influential schools such as High Tech High, Liger Leadership Academy and Green School in Bali.

We are also part of the HundrED.org community’s top 100 innovators, which continuously inspires our work and adds to our joint capacity for change.

We regularly deliver keynotes, interviews for podcasts, articles etc and take part in think tanks and advisory boards.

Every single person you will meet from Autens is passionate about creating positive change. The world is a fantastic place, and there is an abundance of opportunities to impact the lives of children and young people, enabling them to live a sustainable, passionate life of value to themselves, their communities, and their world.

the Autens team

Lene Jensby Lange

Owner and Director

Lene is a passionate change-maker, entrepreneur, consultant and speaker. She founded Autens in 2005 and never looked back since. Autens is a clear reflection of her passion and expertise whether in the future of learning, school design, learning spaces or user voice.

Lene leads the Global Schools Alliance, is an academy member for HundrED and a board member with L.A.-based Ükü. She also serves on advisory boards in Denmark and abroad.

Thorbjørn Bergqvist

Innovation Advisor

Thorbjørn leads our international projects and education facility user engagement. He creates architectural briefs, documenting the needs of students and teachers.

He is a certified Learning Space Design Lab™️ facilitator.

He also heads our initial consortia collaboration with architect studios bidding for public procurement tenders.

Lisa Schmidt Larsen

Creative Coordinator

Lisa designs innovative learning environments, manages interior design projects and builds models and prototypes for our Learning Space Design Lab™️.

Emma Bock

Student Consultant

Emma has solid experience with 21st-century skills and their application in learning design – while providing a powerful student perspective. Since 8th grade, she has been giving keynotes, presentations and training sessions for educators and students alike both in Denmark and abroad. She has worked for Microsoft, the Ministry of Education and Autens.

Emma runs our student voice processes.

Ida Raben-Levetzau

Student Consultant

Since 8th grade, Ida has worked intensively with 21st-century competencies from a student perspective. She is an experienced and inspirational presenter who leaves a powerful impression on her audience. She has worked for Microsoft, the Ministry of Education and Autens. Ida has recently interned for a semester at Freemans Bay School in New Zealand and has comparative insight into innovative learning environments.

louise Wisler Glenthøj

Project Coordinator

Louise works with educational development, user processes, documentation and workshop tools in daycare, school and after-school provisions. She is our nerdy researcher, providing a solid foundation for our methods, training and recommendations. Her specialty is creativity and innovation.

Lise Lotte Dagger

Education Pioneer Consultant

Lise Lotte supports schools and teams in project-based learning, entrepreneurship, student leadership and a lot more as a pioneer advisor. As a teacher, Lise Lotte – in collaboration with Peter – has spearheaded transformational work at Skovshoved Skole, working project-based for 10 years with an entrepreneurship agenda. She also served as an innovation leader in a school before joining Autens.

Peter Frederiksen

Senior Consultant

Peter supports schools, teachers and leadership teams in project-based learning, entrepreneurship, student leadership, creativity and a lot more. As a teacher, Peter – in collaboration with Lise Lotte – has spearheaded transformational work at Skovshoved Skole, working project-based for 10 years with an entrepreneurship agenda. Peter has since worked in the leadership team of many schools before coming home to Autens.


Head of accounting

Catrine makes sure that someone picks up the occasional bills, and tends to the more administrative side of things. 

Magdalene Elbek


Magdalene studies Performance Design + pedagogy & educational studies at RUC, and will be interning with us until winter 2020. Magdalene is passionate about pedagogical processes and learning spaces. She support our work on projects and helps develop and facilitate workshops about learning space development



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municipalities /

Albertslund Kommune, Allerød Kommune, Ballerup Kommune, Bedford Borough, Fredensborg Kommune,  Frederiksberg Kommune, Fredericia Kommune, Frederikssund Kommune, Furesø Kommune, Gentofte Kommune, Gladsaxe Kommune, Göteborg Kommun (SE), Gribskov Kommune, Guldborgsund Kommune, Haderslev Kommune, Helsingør Kommune, Hjørring Kommune, Høje-Taastrup Kommune, Københavns Kommune, Leicestershire County Council, Roskilde Kommune, Rudersdal Kommune, Rødovre Kommune, Skanderborg Kommune, Slagelse Kommune, Silkeborg Kommune, Sønderborg Kommune, Tiller (NO), Århus Kommune and more.


Bakkegårdsskolen, Bakkeskolen, Bistrup Skole, Blovstrød Børne- og læringsby, Borgerskolen, Byens Skole, Carolineskolen, Engelsborgskolen, Enghavegård Skole, Fløng Skole, Funder-Kragelund Skole, Gentofte Skole, Hedehusene Skole, Hellerup Skole, Helsingør Skole, Helsingør Musikskole, High Tech High, Himmelev Skole, Høje Taastrup Børne- og Kulturhus, Høsterkøb Skole, Islev Skole, Klostermarkskolen, Kokkedal Skole, Lindebjergskolen, Læringshus Nærheden – Hedehusene Skole og Charlotteskolen, Matthew Moss High School, Munkegårdsskolen, Mølleholmskolen, Mørkhøj Skole, Nivå Skole, Nordre Skole, Ny Hollænderskolen, Ole Rømer Skolen, Ordrup Skole, Pedersborg Skole, Rathlouskolen, Reerslev Skole, Rødding Skole, Samsøgades Skole, Sct. Jørgens Skole, Sct Knuds skole, Sengeløse Skole, Skanderup Efterskole, Skolen på Nyelandsvej, Skovgaardsskolen, Skovshoved Skole, Station Next, Søgårdsskolen, Tjørnegårdsskolen, Torstorp Skole, Vangeboskolen, VEGA Schools (Delhi), 10.klassecenteret Gentofte, Vrå Skole, Østervangskolen, Ådalens Privatskole, plus a long range of schools from Copenhagen, Finland and Bedford (UK).

Secondary education

Aurehøj Gymnasium, College 360 (tidl. Teknisk Skole Silkeborg), Learnmark (Horsens), Roskilde Tekniske Skole, VIA University College (Horsens), Teaching College at University College Nordjylland, Business College at University College Nordjylland, University College Absalon.


Aalborg Universitet, Helsinki University, Kaunas university of Technology, Learnmark, Loughborough College (UK), Metropol, Parkwood Academy (UK), Sosu C – learning lab, SOSU Fyn, SOSU Nord,  SOSU Silkeborg, Tampere University of applied Science, UCR – Uddannelsescenter Roskilde
/Slagteriskolen, University College, University College Lillebælt, VIA University College Nordjylland (UCN) m.fl.


A. P. Møller & Hustru Chastine Møllers Fond til Almene Formaal, ADI Scuola (Italy), Association for Learning Environments, Bedford Borough Learning Exchange, CEDEFOP, Danmarks Privatskoleforening, EACT Academy Trust (UK), The Edge Foundation (UK), EU (Center for Erhvervsuddannelser), Global Schools Alliance, Helsinki University – Innokas, Human Scale Education (UK), HundrED (FI), KMD i Aarhus, LEGO Foundation, SSAT Academy Trust (UK), Universefonden (now the KATA Foundation), Architecture and Design Scotland, and more.


Aarstiderne Arkitekter, Adept Architects, Advancis, C.F. Møller (Norge), COWI, D-K2, Educational Arts Ltd, Friis & Molkte Arkitekter, Forever Day One (Berlin), Henning Larsen Arkitekter, KUBEN Management, Mike Davies (UK),  Nøhr & Sigsgaard Arkitekter, Space Design (UK), Sweco (tidligere Grontmij og Carl Bro), Ükü (Los  Angeles) – and a wide range of other architect studios, engineering companies and contractors on school facilities projects. 

Daycare centrEs, after school activities, clubs etc.

Blovstrød børnehuse, Børnehuset Skovmosen, Børnehuset Skrænten, Høje Taastrup Børne- og Kulturhus, Høje Taastrup Kommune youth clubs, Klub Bakkens Hjerte, Klub Fiolen, Klub Svanen, Marslev børnehus, Klub Abildtræet, Klub Krudtuglen, Ordrup Fritidscenter, Vrå Børnehus as well as the local after-school club (SFO) in most of the Danish schools we have worked with.  



Planning Learning Spaces was released in the fall of 2019, bringing together the best inputs from 20 leading international experts to create a guide to design learning spaces written for architects, school professionals and school designers. Lene contributed to the book with key points about early-stage engagement and how learning spaces interact with the entire learning culture. Education all-stars Sir Ken Robinson and Herman Hertzberger have both generously written a foreword for the book.


Spazi ed Educazione was released in the fall of 2019, bringing together research contributions on learning environments from leading Italian forces around the University of Bologna with Professor Vana Gheradi at the forefront. Lene has written a chapter for the book on “How the organization of spaces influences education”. She points out that schools’ spatial organization needs to mirror emerging flexible and dynamically organized learning processes with students at the center.

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