Future Learning and User Voice

Autens is passionate about school development to embrace children as they are – in all their differences, different needs, and different talents.

Schools as we know them are built on industrial age thinking and models of learning that no longer apply. A thinking that views intelligence in a very narrow way, a thinking that only leaves a narrow paths to success in life to aim for, and a thinking that will have you replicate and do what everybody else is doing. We need to reinvent schools for a global knowledge economy and cultural community with infinite possibilities in life and demand for creativity, collaboration and authenticity.

We strongly believe that change is only going to happen when you include and involve both staff and preferably also students in the change process: Involve people in discovering the need for change, the potential for change, and all the pathways that can be opened. The involvement of students also reflect one of our core values of democracy.

Our clients are mainly local councils, schools, FEs, nurseries, charities etc. and we also collaborate with architects and designers to create meaningful, engaging schools for tomorrow.

You will find links to examples of our work in the right column and are welcome to read more about who we arewhat we do and about what our clients say about us!


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