Welcome to Time, Talent, Technology – an Erasmus Plus collaboration project to explore teaching and learning practices in schools in Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom through joint research visits.

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Udrejse fra CPH Lufthavn til Helsinki,  Søndag d. 17. september 2017 

Hjemrejse fra Helsinki til CPH Lufthavn, Torsdag d. 21. september 2017 

Program, deltagere, formål m.m.


Purpose: The purpose of the programme is to explore, discuss and learn from how each of the involved schools and nations navigate and use Time, Talent, and Technology to strengthen learning and the quality of schools. Read more here: 3T Feb update 2017.

How: We do this through three cross-national visits to each of our three countries and involved schools over the course of a year – both in 2017 and in 2018 (new schools the second year). 

We have six Copenhagen schools involved from the Danish side, three each year. This means that involved Danish school teams will be conducting two research visits abroad and hosting one visit at home.

Hopefully the relationship between the people involved will grow over the course of the project, igniting a continued partnership between schools from our countries.


The three national lead partners are Helsinki University (Finland), Westfield School (UK) and Autens (Denmark). In Denmark we run it as a close partnership with the City of Copenhagen, led by head of school at Korsager, Peter Aksten, following a series of previous successful partnership visits between Copenhagen and Bedford.

From Autens you might meet Thorbjørn, Lene, Mette or Martin who at various times during the project coordinate, facilitate and lead the project in collaboration with Peter.

The partner responsibility is to lead and coordinate the project in compliance with the mission of the project, the Erasmus application and the EU funding.


The focus of the project is on Time Talent and Technology based on the teachings of Pasi Sahlberg.

How does each country develop them? What are the differences? Common practice?

How could we learn from each other how to maximise the impact of these?

What is the philosophy behind the practice, what can be changed? What is transferable?

Each of the 3 exchanges in the first year will end with a joint presentation by the two visiting countries on their findings.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!
Lene, Thorbjørn, Martin and Mette
Contact info

– Thorbjørn Bergqvist, thorbjoern@autens.dk, tel. +45 3139 7889

– Lene Jensby Lange, lene@autens.dk, tel. +45 2070 5230, twitter: @lenejensbylange


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