Autens is an unusual consultancy specialising in re-imagining education and schools for the Future. 21st Century Learning Practices, Vision-driven School Development and a new generation of inspiring Learning Spaces & School Architecture are combined in bold transformation projects small and big scale. All in the spirit of student voice, imagination, co-creation, fun and passionate dedication to people and learning. Based in Denmark, we play with the whole world, and passionately connect educators and schools from across the globe to learn from each other and transform education together.

We inspire and develop visionary futures, education models, learning space designs, and school architecture suited to multiple ways of learning, playing and working in a global world. We facilitate innovation, workshops, training, seminars, co-creation and speak at international conferences. We provide passion, inspiration and leadership for innovative projects aiming at better learning futures for children and young people.


Hellerup School: Designing spaces

Hellerup School is a distinctive example of an innovative school designed for 21st century learning. The school is – as the only school in the SKUB project – built from new. Its ground-breaking design is based on personalised, agile learning spaces, entirely without classrooms.

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Learning Spaces

Autens believes that learning should be joyful, meaningful, personalised and co-created. And we believe that learning spaces should mirror this and invite creativity of all kinds, embrace differences and show tolerance – and not least communicate the vision of learning.

Autens is committed to the importance of school and learning space design. Learning Spaces are strong narratives that guide students and teachers in their daily work and help make effective and joyful learning happen. Schools and learning spaces should be a clear picture of the learning vision which is at the core of any good school development project.

Over the years, Autens has developed a palet of tools that help formulate customised learning spaces. The tools are built on research in learning, psychology, neurology, organisational cultures and organisational development as well as our experience in the field from working with schools and cities.

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Future College – rethinking secondary

Next week is a great milestone in our Future College Project: 200 young people from three schools in Gentofte have chosen courses across the participating schools. During the week the students will set learning goals, participate in counselling sessions, use facebook and more – while immersed in learning of their choice, in various small learning communities. We will follow them closely! Read more about Future College.

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