Project-Based Learning at Skolen på Grundtvigsvej

Real Project-Based Learning can work wonders. 80 teachers got a big bite of this Monday and Tuesday as we premiered our partnership with our dear friends, amazing David Price and Clare Price. Such wonderful days! Sharp tools for deeper learning, full of ‘faglighed’ and engagement as we know it from our dear friends at High Tech High. Not something you excel at overnight but you definitely get the picture and can immediately start using and practising the tools with your colleagues. The main secrets lie in getting the driving question up to a high-quality level and carefully scaffolding, planning and challenging the student experience. Two days of hands-on training loaded with powerful tools. 

Hope the arctic weather here didn’t scare David and Clare off too much as so many Danish schools and students would enjoy and benefit from integrating these tools in their work. We already started booking the first summer sessions.


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