Third year with Project-Based Learning in Høje-Taastrup!

In 2020-2021, our comprehensive professional development programme for 600 teachers in Hoeje-Taastrup is moving into its third year. The purpose of the project is to prepare students for the 21st century in ways that motivate and elevate them, headed for deeper learning through authentic, innovative projects. Projects which engage students and ignite their motivation to learn now and as they move on in life.

The project is made possible by a generous donation from the charity A.P. Moeller Foundation  A. P. Møller & Hustru Chastine McKinney Møllers Fond for Almene Formaal.

The Future School Project

The Future School Project includes all staff at all the schools in the City of Høje Taastrup. Each school is now well on their path to project-based learning as a core pillar of their learning model. We are seeing more and more projects that really motivate and engage the students beyond the boundary of school. This year we will be diving deeper into the PBL toolbox with more complexity in the projects. Designing and scaffolding for deeper learning and academic achievement can be taken to the next level. Not least as PBL become more center-stage teachers can begin to plan the whole school year around projects making sure to tick all learning goal boxes in a meaningful way.

The key pillars of the Future School Project in Hoeje-Taastrup:

  • All schools work towards PBL being a central part of the learning experience for students, based on a design model. Each school is requited to plan for 3-10 week projects at least twice a year.
  • In designing projects teachers are required to incorporate authenticity and innovation – e.g. working with a real challenge, collaborating with a company or another community partner etc.
  • Autens is training and supporting all staff in developing their PBL toolbox and mentoring teams on their journey as needed
  • Two completely new schools are being build, designed for Project-based Learning – Learning House Nærheden and the Children and Culture Centre.

Curious to learn more about this project or our work with teacher training, innovation and PBL? You are more than welcome to get in touch or read more here


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