Project Based Learning at Brorsonskolen

Brorsonskolen in Varde is facing the need to merge two of the municipality’s other schools and in this connection move to new buildings. In August 2021 they move into exciting new buildings and become Frelloskolen. Prior to merging and relocating, the school had a desire for competence development of teachers and pedagogues. Highly inspired by the LEAPS-schools, they waned to work more project based with authentic, innovative processes, which give students greater participation and action skills.

In August 2019 we started with a educational day where all the teachers and pedagogues were introduced to the FIRE-model as starting point for the planning of the school years first project.

Since then we have worked with good project questions and issues as an important tool to ensure the professionalism of a project based process.

Throughout September 2019 we participated at team meetings, where the teachers had the opportunity to get instructions on their specifik project. In October when the progress was completed, we held a evaluation session for all the participants.

It have been a pleasure working with Brorsonskolen. Both administration, teachers an pedagogues because of the good atmosphere. Everybody has been engaged and some fantastic projects has come out of it.

There is no doubt, that the new Frelloskolen will be a good school to attend with these employees! And I am looking forward to follow the development. You can follow along here.


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