Copenhagen municipality have hired Autens for the purpose to update their educational function program for educational facilities. The municipality makes a comprehensive investment program in new building and redevelopment of schools – for example the new Arenakvarterets School. Therefore, some years ago, they developed a common functional program, which is the basis for the programming of each school. It is the functional program that has been thrown here, so that it seriously considers the future of learning and school forms and rethinks the school for a new millennium. Specifically, the work is based on the development of a new school building, the Arenakvarterets Skole in Ørestaden, which the municipality wants to make a clear start in the 21st century school thinking as well as sustainable thinking (DGNB Gold Standard).


Autens participates in the building committee that has developed the building program for the new Arena Quarter School by Royal Arena. The construction is under tender as a contract this spring in project competition.

Autens has provided educational-organizational counseling based on new forms of learning, 21st century competences and the future of school building. This for diverse learning communities and inclusive, dynamic learning environments. Specifically, this means we have:

– Developed requirements for space typologies, proximity diagrams and dispostion with far more dynamic organisation than just 40 similar base spaces.

– Unfolding paradigms for respectively future learning environments of preschool, middle and high school.

– Further developed paradigms for creative and science workshops aimed at both the school and the surrounding community. 

– Work on connecting to both leisure and the local community.

– Generel educational-physical counselling in relation to the new construction program and all its aspects.

– Assessment of total contract offers in the project competition in educational quality.


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